Tim Sheldon(D)

A New Kind of Leader

Tim Sheldon is Delivering.

Delivering for:

  • People Before Politics
  • Our Nation's Heroes
  • The Future of Washington
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Tim is a man of deep conviction and dedication. He refuses to allow special interests to sway his views.

No matter what, Tim votes for the good of the people. Even if that means breaking with his party platform.

It’s people before politics with Tim.

Our servicemen and women give us their all. It’s time to give back. Tim knows we need to obtain funding for homeless veterans in our district.

Tim has worked for, and succeeded in, securing funding and services for homeless veterans.

Those who have fought for our country, safety and freedom, will always have Tim fighting for them.

Irene Bowling has drawn her line in the sand and she is not on our side. Irene told us herself—she’s going to vote a straight party line in the legislature.

We can’t rely on Irene Bowling to work for us. Not when she is working for the Seattle liberal establishment.